Root Canal Therapy in Chicago, IL: Pros and Cons

The common thing that people usually do if they notice a cavity forming into their tooth is barge into the dental clinic and have the hole filled. But what if dental fillings can no longer mend the decayed tooth? If the traditional method cannot treat the extensively damaged tooth anymore, dental professionals often suggest a … Continued

Peirce Pre-K Field trip to Lakeshore Dental Studio!

Peirce Pre-KTalk about fun! The Pre-K class at Peirce came to visit Lakeshore Dental Studio to see what a visit to the dentist is like. They toured the office, learned how we treat cavities, and even practiced placing fillings on models!?? They also got to treat “patients” (our very cooperative team  ) by putting fluoride on … Continued

National Children’s Oral Health Month

It’s children’s oral health month! Although it is always important to pay close attention to your child’s oral health, Lakeshore Dental Studio is making an extra effort this month to ensure they are receiving the care they need. Strong, healthy teeth help you chew the right foods which help your child grow and stay active. … Continued

Athletic Mouthguards for Young Athletes in Chicago, IL

Children indulging in any active engagements tend to grow physically fit, socially active, and highly exposed in healthy competitions. Nevertheless, activities relating to sports can be risky as they can put a threat to the smiles of the young players. The good news is, given the right mouth guard, athletes can confidently show off their … Continued
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