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Accidents can occur at any time especially if least expected. That is also true with dentistry, although proper dental hygiene and care are practiced, there are still other factors that can affect the overall dental health. Dental emergencies can occur at any time which is why it is essential to know what to do in handling the problem. If left unattended it can cause pain and discomfort that can get in the way of daily activities as either home, school, and work. Dental emergencies can be caused by several factors such blow in the mouth due to accidents or contact sports, excessive teeth grinding (Bruxism), and biting down on something hard. There are even some people who use their teeth as a tool for opening bottles or packets that can cause damage. At Lakeshore Dental Studio, we provide Emergency dentistry services since we understand the urgent needs to be performed to prevent any severe dental complications. Immediate treatments can ensure that the overall dental health can be preserved without any worries. Dental Emergency

Common Dental Emergencies and Tips for its Proper Care

Depending on the severity of the chip it may not need immediate dental treatment. If the chip is too noticeable, large or painful, then it needs immediate treatment. Exposed nerves may cause the pain and dental complications. If the tooth is too sharp after chipping, the dentist can smooth it out to prevent damage to the soft tissues on the mouth.
The condition requires immediate attention to prevent any internal damage that requires a more intensive dental treatment if left untreated. If there is any swelling on the affected area, use a cold compress to alleviate pain temporarily and to minimize any inflammation. If needed the patient can take over the counter medicines to reduce any pain and discomfort being felt. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to take immediate attention immediately.
If a tooth is accidentally removed from its socket, try to pick it up by holding the crown instead of the root to prevent any damage. Try to insert it back on the socket correctly after rinsing it with cold water, do not attempt to scrub the surface since the root is sensitive and highly vital for the success of reimplantation. If it is hard to insert the tooth, soak it in milk and bring it to the dental office for the dentist to perform the proper reinsertion to the socket.
Possibly the most common dental problem that is encountered by patients! Although it can be alleviated by taking over the counter medications it only works temporarily. The pain felt in the teeth or mouth for no apparent reason can be a sign of a dental issue that should be taken care of urgently. Schedule an emergency appointment for the dentist to perform examinations to pinpoint the problem and perform necessary procedures correctly.
Dental appliances are used in restoring damaged portions or missing teeth. However, some factors can cause the appliance to be prematurely removed. Once it occurred, make sure to cover the exposed area of the teeth to prevent harmful bacterias from infecting. Over the counter dental cement or sugarless gums can be used for a temporary fixed. The dentist can properly re-attach and secure the dental appliance in place. Take the necessary precautions by using a dental appliance such as mouthguards or nightguards to protect the teeth from damage when playing or sleeping. Do not take for granted any signs of pain, discomfort, and irregularities in the mouth. Schedule emergency dentistry for the proper care and maintenance for better overall dental health.                                                                                                                                                                         Let us help you preserve and protect your teeth and other oral structures for the overall health and wellness of your dental health! Book your appointment with us at Lakeshore Dental Studio for Emergency Services in Chicago, IL. We are located at 5505 North Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640.

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