National Children’s Oral Health Month

It’s children’s oral health month! Although it is always important to pay close attention to your child’s oral health, Lakeshore Dental Studio is making an extra effort this month to ensure they are receiving the care they need. Strong, healthy teeth help you chew the right foods which help your child grow and stay active. … Continued

Athletic Mouthguards for Young Athletes in Chicago, IL

Children indulging in any active engagements tend to grow physically fit, socially active, and highly exposed in healthy competitions. Nevertheless, activities relating to sports can be risky as they can put a threat to the smiles of the young players. The good news is, given the right mouth guard, athletes can confidently show off their … Continued

What Makes Invisalign a Better Option? – Chicago, IL

Nowadays, crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth are no longer a problem. With the advancement in technology, people can now have numerous options to fix these issues. Before, you can only opt for the popular metal braces to straighten your smile. However, the advancement in the field of dentistry brings about the advent of the modern … Continued

Podcast Interview of Dr. Kapil Kella on Always Andersonville

Dr. Kapil Kella was recently interviewed for a podcast! He was featured on Always Andersonville: The Podcast. Always Andersonville highlights local and independent businesses in Andersonville, a neighborhood that is located just north of downtown Chicago. We pride ourselves on shopping locally here in Andersonville, and we’re known as the “shop local capital of Chicago.” … Continued

KoR Whitening Facts in Chicago, IL

Gone were the days when a tube of whitening toothpaste is the people’s only hope when it comes to achieving a white smile. Well, lucky enough if they picked an effective over-the-counter dental product. Admit it, some OTC toothpaste actually had exaggerated pseudo-promises that stirs up the expectation of many people, but they end up … Continued

5 Enthralling Facts about Dental Implants – Chicago, IL

With the advancements in technology, dental procedures, treatments, and equipment have dramatically improved. Before, people with missing teeth have limited options on how to restore their teeth and smile’s appearance. Thanks to modern technology because today there is an option to replace single or multiple missing teeth which comes with many benefits – The Dental … Continued
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