Dental Implants in Chicago, IL: The Pros and Cons to Consider

Instead of wearing a removable oral appliance that can become wobbly over time, patients now have the option to consider a more permanent restoration in the form of dental implants. Although there is already a restorative option that has been serving its purpose for years, the presence of dental implants brought a change. With it, patients can get prostheses that can mimic not just the appearance but the function of real teeth as well.
Been considering dental implants? Let us at Lakeshore Dental Studio help with your planning by sharing the pros and cons to consider about the said service! Continue reading below.
Dental Implant

Dental Implants: Pros

Helps maintain facial structure
If a tooth or two is lost, the patient may notice a gradual change in the shape of their face. That is because the teeth actually help support the facial structure. Sadly, it does not only make the face appear misshapen, but it also causes a person to look older than their actual age. Fortunately, dental implants mimic the overall structure of the teeth so they can provide the same support needed for the face to stay in good shape.
Prevents bone loss
Both the teeth and the jawbone need each other to stay strong and fully functional. In the event where a tooth or two is lost, the state of the jawbone gradually deteriorates. Although the conventional options can restore lost teeth, know that only dental implants can replace even the lost roots. Opting for a dental implant preserves bone strength by providing the stimulation it needs.
No more cavities
The good news is, the material used in creating dental implants are not prone to cavities. However, this does not mean that people can ditch oral hygiene practices since it is still possible for them to develop other oral complications.
Easy maintenance
With dental implants, there is no longer a need to purchase special creams or solutions for cleaning. As long as the patient practices proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques, they are sure to keep their remaining healthy teeth and implant restorations in good shape.
Goodbye to wobbly and slipping prosthesis
The reason why many people are opting for dental implants is because of the durability and stability that the said device offers. Since titanium implant posts are surgically placed on the jawbone, patients will no longer feel conscious about their dental restorations. They are once again free to eat, speak, and smile to their heart’s content.
Long-lasting solution
As long as proper practices are observed, patients who opt for dental implants can enjoy their dental restorations for many years or even for a lifetime!

Dental Implant: Cons

  • It takes several months and dental appointments to complete a dental implant restoration. But, patients are assured that their restored smile would be worth it.
  • There may be a need for additional dental procedures, especially if the patient does not have enough bone structure to support the placement of implant posts.
  • Dental implant wearers can still acquire infections. To prevent this, they are highly encouraged to observe proper hygiene habits while scheduling routine dental appointments.

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