KoR Whitening Facts in Chicago, IL

Gone were the days when a tube of whitening toothpaste is the people’s only hope when it comes to achieving a white smile. Well, lucky enough if they picked an effective over-the-counter dental product. Admit it, some OTC toothpaste actually had exaggerated pseudo-promises that stirs up the expectation of many people, but they end up in disappointed realizing that they only wasted their money buying that useless stuff. Not to mention the long hours that they spent while waiting in line at the busy counter before they could pay what they purchased. Teeth Whitening Luckily, today, having pearly-white teeth is as easy and stress-free as it could be. The field of dentistry offers a bunch of options for teeth whitening treatment. We at Lakeshore Dental Studio provides one of the best procedure for whitening the teeth through the use of the KoR Deep Bleaching system. To give our patients a better understanding of this treatment, we listed down informative facts about it.
  • KoR Whitening uses constant refrigeration of the gels to retain its concentration and to avoid losing its potency making sure it is effective as well as safe to use.
  • The traditional bleaching trays last its efficacy for only 25-35 minutes. However, with KoR-Seal Trays, the result lasts for 6-10 hours long.
  • The treatment helps desensitize and combat tooth sensitivity.
  • The system rejuvenates and restores the appearance of the teeth, allowing patients to gain a youthful smile.
  • The in-office appointment for KoR is usually completed in an hour while the take-home tray only needs to be worn overnight for two weeks, making it the ideal choice for busy people.
  • KoR Whitening promises 16 shades lighter teeth compared to the other alternatives available.
The treatment is ideal for those who have stained teeth because of tetracycline intake, those who have failed teeth whitening sessions, and to anyone who wants to achieve ultra white teeth! It ensures the best, long-lasting, and favorable results.   Let us help you improve the appearance of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Lakeshore Dental Studio for your KoR Deep Bleaching under Teeth Whitening services in Chicago, IL. We are located at 5505 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640, USA.

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