Root Canal Therapy in Chicago, IL: Pros and Cons

The common thing that people usually do if they notice a cavity forming into their tooth is barge into the dental clinic and have the hole filled. But what if dental fillings can no longer mend the decayed tooth? If the traditional method cannot treat the extensively damaged tooth anymore, dental professionals often suggest a better alternative: Root Canals.
A root canal therapy is a treatment for an infected tooth. It secures the state of the pearly white by eliminating the dead tissues while keeping it in place. The processes involved with the treatment are not that straightforward, so those who are planning to undergo the said procedure should look for a skilled dental practitioner like us at Lakeshore Dental Studio. We are always dedicated to making our patients’ root canal treatment a success.

Root Canal Therapy

Advantages Of Root Canals

Here are the reasons why root canal therapy is the right choice:
The treatment saves the tooth from getting extracted
An infected tooth can only be mended in two ways. First, through a root canal treatment, and second, by pulling the tooth out from its socket. The latter option is not ideal for patients who wish to retain the function of their tooth as well as the appearance of their smiles.
Root canals relieve tooth pain
A decayed tooth can be excruciating. To soothe it permanently, a root canal treatment is needed. The discomfort brought by a tooth infection would cease from occurring after undergoing the procedure.
It prevents the teeth from shifting
Teeth extractions will cause the teeth to move out of place. When this happens, a person’s bite becomes affected. Complications like TMJ disorder can also occur. But this is not a problem with root canals. As long as the tooth is kept in place, issues like these mentioned are impossible to take place.

Disadvantages Of Root Canals

Root canal therapy has downsides too. These include:
  • Patients need to prepare a significant amount of money if they consider a root canal since the treatment is much expensive than a tooth extraction procedure.
  • The tooth that has been treated with a root canal is more prone to fracture—that is why patients should opt for dental crowns after the therapy to protect their newly-mended pearly white.
  • Root canal treatment is more complicated than a tooth extraction. It may necessitate patients to be in the dental chair for several hours or go back the next day for another session.
Despite the disadvantages of root canals, it is still a good option compared to teeth extractions. The treatment is the only dental service that can rid the tooth from infection and preserve its natural structure at the same time.

We at Lakeshore Dental Studio is here to help you save your smile! Set an appointment with us for root canal therapy under General Dentistry Services in Chicago, IL.

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