The Common Stages of a Teeth Cleaning Appointment in Chicago, IL

Have you ever heard of someone complaining about swelling and sensitivity right after the teeth cleaning procedure? The discomfort may be due to two factors: whether the dental professional failed to perform the appropriate process or it is solely the patient who did not follow the proper instructions.

Dental Visit
Here at Lakeshore Dental Studio, patients can be sure that any dental treatments that they will receive at our office are safe, effective, and pain-free. Our dentist is skilled and trained enough to provide patients with the best procedures according to their oral health needs without affecting their comfort. Nevertheless, it is always the cooperation of the patient and dentist that will make the treatment a success. With that said, we listed down the things to expect during the routine cleaning appointment. These pieces of information will help patients prepare for their future schedules.

Phases Of A Dental Cleaning Session

Phase 1 – Before the appointment
It is highly essential to “know before you go” when planning a dental visit. The patient must identify the different instances that can hinder or delay the dental procedure. Certain conditions like fear, anxiety, sores, sensitiveness, and other oral issues might affect the cleaning appointment. The key is to inform the dental team ahead so they can plan out the things to do and prepare to give you a more comfortable dental experience.
Phase 2 – Before the actual teeth cleaning procedure
The dentist will not perform a dental cleaning without assessing the patient’s oral health first. This step is vital since it will serve as the basis if they can proceed to the proper procedure or not. In cases where the amount of tartar accumulation is quite a lot, the dental professional might recommend the patient to revisit the clinic to complete the treatment. Remember, the number of times a person should spend in the dental chair will depend on the state of the mouth, teeth, and gums.
Phase 3 – The cleaning sesh
In this stage, the hygienist will begin the actual teeth cleaning procedure. Different tools are utilized to make the treatment more convenient for both parties. However, not all patients are comfortable with certain dental equipment like water sprayers or ultrasonic cleaners. The dental hygienist may request periodic breaks or administer anesthetics to patients with extremely low pain tolerance and sensitivity. After all, the key is good communication.
Phase 4 – After the process
Our dentist at Lakeshore Dental Studio will not let patients go home without giving them further tips to counter discomfort (if any) after the procedure. They are also informed about the ways to take care of their newly cleaned teeth.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Teeth Cleanings under General Dentistry in Chicago, IL. Book your appointment with us at Lakeshore Dental Studio and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!

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