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Oral health is not all about the teeth—the gums, and other oral structures matter as well. With that said, it is essential for everyone to understand that their teeth are still at risk if they will not perform practices where the gums can benefit from. The good news is, caring for these pink tissues is not that hard. As long as the patient observes the tips listed below, they are assured of attaining healthy gums for an excellent overall oral health.

Periodontal Treatment
Brush twice a day
Bacteria, plaque, and other substances can get stuck in between teeth as well as along the gum line that is why it is crucial for patients to brush their teeth every day. Brushing the teeth is best done in the morning and the other one before bed. Morning brushing allows a person to get rid of accumulations during sleep while nighttime brushing will eliminate the build-up of harmful particles during the day. Make sure to observe the 2-minute duration every time for best results.
Flossing is a must
The best partner for the toothbrush is dental floss. Around 30 to 40% of the teeth can remain uncleaned if the patient will just brush their teeth. Harmful particles will accumulate in the gum line area and lead to inflammation which can become severe if proper measures are not taken. Aside from providing a more thorough mouth clean, flossing also stimulates the gums to keep them in good shape.
Mouthwash for a complete clean
What’s the best way to complete an oral hygiene practice? Of course, a good mouth rinse. Despite the use of a toothbrush and floss, there are still some areas in the mouth that are missed. Rinsing the mouth with a fluoridated cleanser gets rid of any harmful factors while putting up additional protection for the teeth and gums.

Quick Tips

  • Instead of snacking on sugary treats, try teeth and gum friendly foods like vegetables, dairy, fruits, and more!
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Doing so not only gives the body a favor but the mouth as well. Adequate hydration promotes saliva production that can act as a natural cleanser to keep harmful substances at bay.
  • Replace toothbrush after three to four months or sooner if it shows signs of fraying.
  • It is best to quit smoking since it makes the teeth, gums, and other oral structures more vulnerable to various complications.
  • Never skip dental visits. Not only will the dentist keep the oral health in check but if the signs of gum disease manifest, appropriate treatments will be provided immediately.
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