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Despite the practice of proper dental hygiene and care, some patients are still at risk for cavities. It is usually due to the shape and structure of their teeth and not because of poor oral care. If this is the case, is it still possible for a person to avoid the development of cavities on their teeth? Yes, with the help of dental sealants!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Sealants

What is a dental sealant exactly?
It is a thin, plastic coating applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to protect it against substances that can lead to cavities. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the procedure reduces the risk of tooth decay by 80%! Patients are assured that by investing in this treatment, they are more likely to have well-protected teeth.

What teeth can receive the treatment?
Out of all the teeth, molars which are located in the back of the mouth can highly benefit from the sealant. Although any other teeth can receive the treatment, molars which have the highest risk of developing cavities are the best candidates. These teeth are the largest among the others so foods and other particles can be easily trapped but hard to remove.
The problem with molars is the form of their chewing surfaces. They have grooves and pits that can be deep and narrow enough to be reached by toothbrush bristles. The accumulation of food debris and bacteria on these teeth can result in the production of acids that will gradually wear down the teeth, therefore leading in cavities.

Are sealants worth it?
With its proper application from the dentist and maintenance by the patient, sealants can last in more or less than ten years. Since the dentist monitors its proper bond with the teeth, patients are assured to stay cavity-free for many years. It is an ideal investment not only for children but for adults as well.

Is oral hygiene and care still necessary after its placement?
Although sealants keep harmful substances from settling on the teeth, it is not a stand-in for brushing, flossing, and routine dental appointments. It is still essential for patients to observe proper oral practices to keep their oral health in excellent shape.

Who are qualified for sealants?
Contrary to what most people believe, dental sealants are not solely for children. Although they are the ones who can significantly take advantage from the treatment, adults or teens can also benefit from it.
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